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Charms by faller

Each charm is exclusively designed and made by Faller, in 18ct yellow or white gold, with loving attention to detail. (18ct red gold or platinum on request).

We fit the charms in place and can adjust bracelet length as necessary. Alternatively wear the charm as a single, double or triple pendant.

Create a precious heirloom piece
to be treasured forever

Explore our collection below and be inspired and delighted. Create a bracelet that is uniquely yours. Pick and mix to reflect your individuality, or to commemorate a special anniversary or treasured memory.

(Some designs can also be personalised with engraving)

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Whether it is the pitter patter of tiny feet or symbolising the start of a new venture, this cute little charm is certain to please. If you wish have the date engraved on the back.

Yellow Gold - £110 - 125
White Gold - £115 - 131


For comfort and friendship and all that is young and innocent, this little bear is sure to delight.

Yellow Gold - £90 - 102
White Gold - £100 - 114


Built in 1887, this red sanstone building of neo-gothic architecture is located in the heart of Derry city. It houses the offices of the Mayor and the council chamber and is the civic and cultural centre for the people of the city.

Yellow Gold - £100 - 114
White Gold - £110 - 125


As the official emblem of Ireland this miniture celtic harp is a replica of the Brian Boru harp displayed in Trinity College, Dublin.

Yellow Gold - £120 - 136
White Gold - £125 - 142


The symbol of Ireland. Originally sacred to the Irish druids, St Patick the patron saint of Ireland used it to represent The Holy Trinity.

Yellow or Rose Gold - £110 - 125
White Gold - £115 - 131


One leaf each for faith, hope, love and luck. This celtic symbol has become a universal symbol of good luck.

Yellow Gold - £115 - 131
White Gold - £120 - 136


This simple little heart can be engraved with a personal message or set with a tiny diamond to make it extra special.

Yellow or Rose Gold - £90 - 102
Red Gold - £90 - 102
White Gold - £95 - 108


Reflect your love of music with this simple charm.

Yellow Gold - £70 - 80
White Gold - £75 - 85


Your own personal guardian and protector or a symbol of the spirit of Christmas, this sweet little angel can`t go wrong.

Yellow Gold - £130 - 148
White Gold - £135 - 153


Bringing you the luck of 9 lives cats combine magic and mystery and are known for curiosity, independence and cleverness.

Yellow Gold - £95 - 108
White Gold - £100 - 114


Our baby elephant symbolises strength, wisdom, dignity , family loyalty and most of all cherished memories, as the elephant never forgets.

Yellow Gold - £115 - 131
White Gold - £120 - 136


Symbolising inspiration, brilliance, intuition and love. For safe travel over troubled waters and help in trying times.

Yellow Gold - £85 - 97
White Gold - £90 - 102


Symbolising the free spirit, playfulness, intelligence and harmony with others. With their permanent smiles they are hard to resist.

Yellow Gold - £100 - 114
White Gold - £105 - 119


Symbol of confidence and grace and a reminder of the importance of fathers as the males are the ones to get pregnant.

Yellow Gold - £90 - 102
White Gold - £95 - 108


A symbol of longevity. Living on land and in water the turtle teaches us self-reliance, patience and growing old with grace, in harmony with our surroundings.

Yellow Gold - £110 - 125
White Gold - £115 - 131

Pearls by Faller