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Custom Design Service

Commission a piece of jewellery in 18ct gold or platinum with whatever combination of diamonds or precious gemstones you desire to celebrate that special milestone in your life.

Whether you desire just a slight twist on the traditional or something completely different our designer can cater to your needs.

Through detailed discussion, sketches and showing existing styles our designer can perfectly tailor design proposals to suit your unique aspirations, at the same time giving you the confidence in fully understanding the final result.

Una Carlin Designer and Goldsmith

Noel Faller                            Una Carlin
                            Designer & Goldsmith

Noel Faller, a qualified gemmologist and diamond expert, is experienced in sourcing and grading diamonds and other precious gemstones. Whilst showing a selection suitable to your budget Noel or our other experienced staff can provide you with the knowledge to confidently choose the perfect stones.

Finishing off

We are particularly known for our attention to detail in our 'shaped to fit' wedding and eternity rings. Each ring is individually hand carved to fit exactly and to enhance and complement the engagement ring.

custom rings

Custom design by faller

Pearls by Faller