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Diamond Engagement Rings

A sample of our current rings are available to view under these categories.

These designs can be remade with larger or smaller diamonds but this is only a sample of the infinite range of engagement rings that we can make for you.
We can help you choose the style in platinum or gold, to most compliment your hands, and the quantity, size and shape of diamonds that fulfil your desire.

Our designer can create a ring for you that best expresses your individuality.

Let us create your dream ring

Solitaire Diamond Engagement ringsSolitaire


Trilogy 3-stone Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamond other setting engagement rings


Before purchasing an engagement ring it is worth while understanding the factors which determine its quality and value.

The Diamond

A diamond's beauty, rarity and price is determined by the interplay of all the 4C's - carat, colour, clarity and cut.

Check out our simple guide to buying diamonds to improve your knowledge of these factors.

While grading helps to determine the value of the diamond, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Only through viewing the diamonds in person can you really gauge your own definition of beauty and decide for yourself the relative importance of the 4C's.

Call to our shop where our experienced staff can show loose and preset diamonds, explain in detail the 4C's and give you the knowledge and confidence to make your own judgement.

All our diamonds are from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions and we hereby guarantee that the diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees.

The Ring

At Faller we make engagement rings in platinum or 18ct yellow or rose gold.

We use 18ct gold as lower carat gold is inclined to tarnish due to the high silver content in the alloy and also does not have the same rich colour.

We do not use white gold as we found in the past customers were not happy with the long time wear of 18ct white gold engagement rings. Gold in its pure state is yellow and while it can be alloyed to whiten the metal it becomes paler rather than true white. Most white gold jewellery is plated with rhodium and while this works very well with pendants and earrings the much greater abrasion occurring when rings are worn means that this coating needs to be regularly replaced.

Platinum while initially more expensive, has many qualities which make it the superior choice. Platinum is the rarest, purist precious metal used in jewellery. (Faller platinum jewellery is 950- 95% pure) Platinum is hypoallergenic and cannot tarnish. It is stronger and denser than gold, making it the best candidate for diamond settings. Its cool lustrous white colour perfectly enhances any diamond.

All Faller engagement rings are supplied with a Faller guarantee of quality which describes the ring, diamond and/or coloured stone characteristics. Photos of the ring are included. All Faller diamond solitaires 0.40ct and over are also independently certified by a recognised diamond laboratory.

Faller also make coloured gemstone engagement rings. We carry an extensive range of loose gemstones, particularly specialising in fancy coloured sapphires including pink, purple, yellow and apricot hues. Our current stock of rings are available to view in our precious gemstone ring category.

Contact us at 028 71362710 or email with any design queries.

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