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High Crosses of Inishowen

Carrowmore Crosses

Cooley CrossCarrowmore is the site of Both Chonais Monastery, said to have been founded by Conas, husband of Dareaca, a sister of St. Patrick. It is located between Carndonagh and Moville.

Two High Crosses can be found there. The West Cross is 3.33 metres tall with very short arms and no carving. The East Cross at 2.87metres tall and 1.31 metres wide and dates from the 10th century.

While the outline of East Cross is not as neatly executed as the West Cross it is more notable for the unusual carving on the upper portion of its west face. It is described by iconographers as depicting the Majestas Domini which translates to “Christ in Glory”. A forward facing Christ whose arms are concealed by a long robe is flanked on either side by an angel. Much shorter than the central figure they both appear to be whispering into the ear of Christ. This is the most primitive in style and carving of the six High Crosses of Inishowen.

Our Carrowmore Cross pendants are available in one size only, in silver, 18ct yellow or white gold, (18ct red gold or platinum on request).

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West Cross Carrowmore 35mm
Sterling silver including chain

£55 - 62

West Cross Carrowmore 35mm
18ct yellow gold
Ref: 3208013

£375 - 421

East Cross Carrowmore 33mm
Sterling silver including chain from 40-60cm

£75 - 84

East Cross Carrowmore 33mm
18ct yellow gold
Ref: 3208012

£320 - 360

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