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18ct Gold Wedding Rings

For the perfect balance between rich colour,
Purity and durability nothing beats 18ct gold

While the rich yellow of 18ct yellow gold will always be the most popular the paler pink tinged hue of 18ct red gold also has its appeal. Either contrast beautifully with cool platinum.

At faller we only use 18ct yellow or red gold for wedding rings. We do not use white gold as it needs plating with rhodium to enhance its colour. This is a thin coating that wears off and needs replacing regularly. For the white look platinum is the superior choice.

Faller have over 400 18ct yellow gold wedding rings in stock, in sizes F to Z+3, in various widths, thicknesses and profiles. A select range of 18ct red gold rings are also available.

With any purchase of wedding rings we offer a complimentary ring engraving service in various styles.

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18ct yellow gold ring
2.8mm wide
Ref: 1331003

£410 - 466

18ct yellow gold court ring
B 1.7mm high

2.7mm - £230 - 261
3.4mm - £290 - 330
4.2mm - £340 - 386

18ct yellow gold ring
Flat top court inside
C 1.7mm high

3.3mm - £280 - 318
4.2mm - £360 - 409
5.5mm - £530 - 602

Our goldsmiths can alter any existing stock ring or create bespoke rings to your individual requirements. All wedding rings can be flush or channel set with diamonds and textures and patterning can be added. We also offer the option of combining platinum and 18ct gold.


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