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The Golden Teapot

Derry folk can be proud that their magnificent Victorian trade-sign is back on display again. Faller have installed the Golden Teapot on the façade of their fine old premises at 12 Strand Road, marking the 130th year since the first Faller shop was opened in Derry city by William Faller, a 23 year old German immigrant. The firm’s present owner is his grandson Noel.

The re-appearance of such a famous part of Derry’s heritage is an important contribution to the city’s year as “The UK City of Culture”. With the steam spouting from the teapot on the hour every daylight hour, it is hoped the teapot will capture the imagination of all who see it.  As a major landmark in the city it is likely to become a popular meeting point again.

The teapot, itself weighs 74kg and the wall bracket 19kg; the teapot is 1940mm from handle to spout and has a diameter of 1100mm and was previously hung in the city for over 100 years. It has had an eventful history and the fact that it has survived so long is remarkable.